Jos Brouwers - Courses

Building Materials education is generally of key importance in any Civil Engineering and/or Architecture Department. The chair Building Materials is involved in the courses (%):


  • Introduction Building Physics and Materials Science, course code 7S3X0; Prof. dr. ir. H.J.H. Brouwers (50%).


  • Material Design of Facades and Roofs; course code 7S7X0; Ir. L.A. van Schaijk (80%).


  • Sustainable Building/Physical Aspects of Building Materials; course code 7LS3M0; Dr. Q.L. Yu MSc, Prof. dr. ir. H.J.H. Brouwers (100%).


  • Materials Panorama; Design, Functionality, Environmental aspects, course code 7LY6M0; Dr. Dipl.-Eng. M.V.A. Florea, Ir. L.A. van Schaijk (100%).